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Act III Page 21

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Welcome to Red Rhyder.

A young huntsman-in-training decides to prove his worth by bringing home the head of a wanted shape-shifter. Along the way, he crosses paths with an arrogant local hero who is also on the sorcerer's trail -- but for his own reasons.

Loosely based on "Little Red Riding Hood" and several other classic fairy tales.

Warnings: Violence, blood, mild language, non-graphic nudity, mild sexual content(mxm, mxf), and references to rape.

Updates every second Saturday.

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Gone Fishin': Be Back April 18th

Posted by three
07 Mar 2014 10:00 pm
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Hey guys, I'm taking a break from this comic on account of school. It's my last semester of university, and I'm buried under schoolwork. I will be back on April the 18th. See you soon!

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